Myself and my two children (4yrs & 2yrs old) have been seeing Lisa for the past two years. From our very first consultation she gave me solutions to help clear up my son's eczema and recommendations on how to manage it ongoing. Lisa has been fantastic at helping me find creative ways to get the necessary nutrients into our children. I always find her instructions clear and very thorough. She is very generous with her time and so caring that I feel like I have known her for years. In my eyes, everyone needs a Lisa!

Kate Heap from Vaucluse
Mum of 2

Lisa has been my naturopath for the past 4 years and I could not get through the busy times without her help. Being Director of a creative, events and PR Agency means that there's very little down time for my body to recuperate and heal. Lisa has been amazing, providing herbal formulas which boost my energy levels and prevent me from getting sick and run down. She totally supports my health to keep me going so I can enjoy the busy times, at both work and home.

Lyndelle Morgan from Sydney
Director of Niche Marketing Group

Since commencing my private practice as a Psychologist and Yoga Teacher in the Eastern Suburbs I searched extensively for naturopath to refer my client to and was delighted to find Lisa. Lisa displays such integrity and intellect around her work and her direction and support for her patients is wonderful and thorough. Over the past few years Lisa has successfully worked with my clients around anxiety, depression (including post-natal), insomnia, low energy, eating disorders, weight loss/ gain and general wellbeing. Lisa works with a professionalism and passion that I find commendable and consistently displays gentle compassion and practical guidance to her clients. I am so grateful to have Lisa in my wellness circle!!

Melissa Podmore from Bondi
Psychologist / Yoga Teacher

In a day and age where our children are surrounded by unhealthy foods that are high in fat, sugar, colourings and artificial ingredients I believe that the My Goodness book by Lisa Guy is one of the best books you can buy. It is full of inventive and colourful healthy foods that kids will love and that will teach them healthy eating choices from an early age and which do not include deep fried hot chips or lollies. And one of my favourite sections of the book is a section on healthy party food for children which is packed full of fantastic ideas to make your child's birthday party food exciting, delicious, healthy and eaten by every child at the party. I cannot recommend My Goodness enough.

Owner & Founder of Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy

It is such a blessing to have a caring, knowledgeable and proactive Naturopath overseeing after my own health and supporting me professionally. Her graceful manner, coupled with her ability to relate and empathise, make consultations thorough and enjoyable. Personally, Lisa has treated me for 8 years, achieving swift, long term results regarding allergy issues, being run down and prone to colds and flu, recovering from shingles, detoxing my liver and more recently, with preparations regarding the possibility of starting a family. Professionally, Lisa is an invaluable resource, educating me on all aspects of my clients' health and is full of practical advice that I am able to pass on. I cannot recommend her more confidently and enthusias

Veena Gollop from Bondi Junction
Exercise physiologist

Lisa's book My Goodness is a must-read for anyone with babies and young children. It is an invaluable resource for any parent or career who wants the very best start for their child. Lisa's expertise in nutrition and health is packed onto every page, and the nutrient-dense recipes are both easy and delicious. My two children Ava and Thomas love them, and we continue to use My Goodness as a family cook book as they are growing up. In fact, I am sure my husband and I will still be using it when the kids grow up and leave home!

Kelli Wells from Shellharbour
Mum of 2

I looked up your website and grabbed a few dinner recipes the other day. I cooked the rosemary, chicken, kumera, zucchini risotto for lunch/dinner and oh WOW! It was amazing! Mum and I ate it for lunch then my husband and 3 kids had it for dinner. They licked the plates clean. Awesome recipe. I am already planning the next few I am going to try- Thanks so much! This weekend we tried the rice and spinach timbales and?the carrot/zucchini/apple cake for the extended family. Both fabulous?recipes again!

Suzie Beckinsale
Primary school teacher and mum of 3

Lisa has treated me and my family for seven years. During this time she has provided me with practical advice, support and exceptional treatment plans that have guided me from conception right through my pregnancies and beyond. Her knowledge of nutrition, herbs and homeopathic remedies is exceptional. I have and will continue to turn to Lisa for all my health and nutritional guidance

Beverley Hurwitz from Sydney
Mum of 4