Brown seaweed such as wakame and kelp have high concentrations of a pigment called fucoxanthin, which is unique to brown seaweed. Fucoidan has an anti-aging effect and has been found to improve skin elasticity and collagen production.


Brown algae also contains laminaria, a polysaccharide that improves circulation and the appearance of the skin, making it smoother, more even toned and radiant.
Applying seaweed topically delivers essential nutrients such as zinc, selenium and vitamins A and C, directly to the skin. These nutrients are all needed to support collagen and elastin production, which improves skin firmness and tone.
These remarkable marine plants are also rich in a vast array of antioxidants including carotenoids, polyphenols, and asthaxanthin, needed to protect skin cells against environmental aggressors such as UV radiation and pollution. The carotenoids and polyphenols also absorb UV rays to help deflect the damaging effects of the sun.
Polysaccharides found in seaweed such as L-fucose have anti-inflammatory properties and provide a super moisturising action on the skin.
Using a moisturizer like Zk’in rejuvenating moisturizer which contains an organic brown seaweed extract is an excellent way to fight premature skin ageing and improve the look and feel of your skin.

A’kin Rose Hip Oil Review

I’ve been using rose hip oil religiously each night for a long time now, it’s one of my secret weapons against wrinkles and one of the most important parts of my daily beauty regime. I find that it is one of the best ways to help keep my skin soft, healthy and more youthful looking.


I’m a huge fan of A’kin Rosehip Oil. One of the first things you will notice when using A’kin Rosehip Oil is its lovely fresh aromatic smell of rosemary. This important addition, unique to A’kin Rosehip Oil, protects the oil’s freshness, due to rosemary being a potent antioxidant. I’ve found that other brands tend to oxidize quickly leaving you with an unpleasant off smelling oil, which is not good for your skin.


I use A’kin Rosehip Oil around my eye area and on my face each night, under my night cream, to super hydrate my skin overnight. My skin loves it, the next day my face feels soft and supple, and lines around my eyes are much softer and less noticeable. I really notice the difference if I forget to use it.


Apart from eating nutritious healthy foods I find rosehip oil one of the best ways to nourish my skin to keep it healthy and help reduce premature ageing. A’kin rose hip oil has a high concentration of beneficial essential fatty acids and it contains super antioxidants provitamin A and E, which are all essential nutrients to help keep skin soft and supple.


I love the fact that A’kin Rosehip Oil is 100% natural and inexpensive. Being a busy mum of two I like products that are quick and easy to use but are highly effective. So A’kin Rosehip Oil definitely ticks all the boxes for me. I use it on my whole family, even on my little toddler; it is great for any dry, red skin conditions, sunburns or for preventing scaring. I highly recommend A’kin Rosehip Oil to anyone. Your skin will love you for it!!


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