One in six couples have difficulty conceiving. Yet, for many, the reasons for infertility can be readily identified and treated. Dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors can greatly affect reproductive health. These include stress, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, infections, immune dysfunction, reproductive conditions (PCOD, endometriosis), and poor diet.

Infertility may be due to problems in either the male or the female. Male problems may be contributory in around 40% of infertile couples.

There are many natural therapies that can be effective for helping infertile couples, improving reproductive and general health, without the side-effects of most orthodox approaches. Correction of nutritional deficiencies is important for proper reproductive function, hormonal balance and healthy sperm and eggs. Specific herbs and nutrients can be used to detoxify the body of any toxic substances or clear up infections that may be compromising fertility.

A vast body of evidence shows the adverse effects of stress on fertility. Indeed, this stress is known to intensify for couples the longer they fail to conceive. Naturopathic medicine not only treats possible physiological causes, but emotional causes of infertility too.