As a parent you have the very important role of helping your child reach his or her full potential, physically, mentally and emotionally. Being a mum of two little girls myself, I have a great passion for helping children builda strong foundation in health naturally – so they can grow into vibrant, happy adults.

It is vital that children get all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development from a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Children and infants have special health requirements and nutritional needs throughout their ‘growing’ years, which are different to adults. Their maturing brain, nervous systems, digestion and immune function require specific nutrients for optimal development.

If you, like many parents, have a fussy little eater at home, don’t despair. I can show you lots of fantastic ways to encourage your kids to eat healthy foods and show you some sneaky tricks in the meantime to give you peace of mind that they are getting all the nutrients they need during this important stage of growth and development.

Tim after time in my clinic I see children with recurring colds and flu, tonsillitis and ear infections, who have been on many courses of antibiotics. Naturopathic medicines such as homeopathic remedies, healing foods, nutritional supplements and herbs work so effectively for treating common childhood illnesses such as these, without the side-effects of conventional drugs. By strengthening and supporting your child’s immune system naturally, with a nutritious diet and natural medicines, you will break their cycle of ill health and help your child flourish.

Natural medicines such as homeopathic remedies are extremely gentle, yet highly effective, making them perfect for treating children and babies.

Common childhood illnesses I can help your child with……

Colic, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, teething
Allergies and food intolerances, asthma, hayfever.
Infections, colds, ear infections, worms, tonsillitis, and glandular fever
ADHD, sleeping issues, night terrors
Eczema, warts, nappy rash, cradle cap
Healthy, weight loss programs
and more……