Green Pea Shepard’s Pie
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My little green pea shepard’s pies are one of my kids favourite dinners. They’re great because you can use up any vegies you have left in the fridge. I’ve also added a tin of organic lentils to my lamb and vegetable mix to give these pies an extra iron boost. Iron is extremely important for healthy immune function and strong healthy muscles, and is vital for transporting oxygen to every cell in our body. Green peas not only make this dish look more appealing to kids but they are a fabulous source of fibre, to promote good digestive health, and B complex vitamins and iron to help increase your energy levels.







2 handfuls of lamb mince

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 tin organic lentils, drain well

Handful of broccoli florets, cut into small pieces

1 carrot, diced

Kernels from 1 whole cob of corn

1 tin organic tomatoes

4 large potatoes, peeled and washed

1 1/2 cups of frozen green peas

Some grated cheese for topping



Place diced potatoes and peas in a steamer and cook until tender.

In a large frying pan add a little olive oil, and add lamb mince and garlic, and cook for 4-5 minutes until starting to brown.

Add broccoli, carrots, corn kernels, and lentils and cook for another 5 minutes. Add a tin of tomatoes and allow to simmer with lid on until tender. Cook for a further few minutes at the end with lid off to reduce fluid.

Place cooked potatoes and peas in a food processor and blend until a smooth consistency.

Add lamb mixture evenly into 4 ramekin dishes, top with pea mash and sprinkle with cheese. Place under the griller to melt cheese and then serve.