Get sprouting
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Scientific studies have confirmed the numerous health benefits obtained from eating enzyme-rich living foods. Fresh, raw sprouted seeds, legumes and grains are the best source of living enzymes. Other foods such as fresh, raw fruits and vegetables also provide living enzymes. You can reap several positive health effects from incorporating sprouted foods including fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Digestive enzymes are needed for all chemical reactions in the body that are associated with digestion. The body needs a regular supply of these enzymes to help break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats in foods, so the body can absorb and use them for energy, growth and repair. Eating fresh, raw foods containing living enzymes assists digestion, as these food enzymes take the place of some of our body’s digestive enzymes and spares the need to make them in such concentrated amounts. This is beneficial not only for improving digestion but for the health of the whole body.

Unfortunately, popular processed foods are enzyme-deficient. Processing and cooking of foods destroys many of these living enzymes. Therefore, a diet rich in processed foods places a greater demand on the body’s energy and digestive enzyme supply.

You can sprout most seeds, grains and legumes. Sprouting can increase the nutrient value of foods significantly. Excess cooking will destroy valuable enzyme content and vitamin C and B, so go raw or lightly cooked; it’s the healthiest way to eat sprouts.

Try adding sprouted grains to stir-frys, soups, rice and vegetable dishes and salads, or add some alfalfa or sprouted mung beans to sandwiches.